Which Jeep Cherokee is Right for Your RV Lifestyle?

If you have a large RV, you may need separate transportation at campsites. The Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk a good pick for many reasons. Unlike most SUVs, this Cherokee 4x4 can be towed flat behind your RV. Furthermore, good ground clearance, water-proofing and ample four-wheel drive capability make it right for rough camp roads and trail adventures.

Active Drive II allows for flat towing, thus eliminating the need for RV owners to buy a car trailer in Spokane. Sand, mud and snow are no problem with Jeep SelecTerrain Management. Taking you into the wilderness, 4WD Low allows for slow-speed maneuvering. Crawl Control functions as a low-speed cruise control system that is perfect for off-road excursions.

The Cherokee Trailhawk really is a good match for avid RV enthusiasts. Find your Jeep Cherokee at Lithia Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Fiat of Spokane and enjoy a test drive.

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